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Locals Night

  • Page Turner Bookstore (map)

Join us at Page Turner Bookstore for our second Locals Night featuring local Colorado writers. We hope to connect writers and readers and to celebrate the creativity of our Mountain and surrounding communities.

We’re so pleased to announce that this Locals Night event, features three immensely talented writers: Daniel Scott Westby, author of Wind of Chains: Fimbulvetr and Goblin Winter: of Puppet Kings and Telling Sins; Kelsey Smith, author of This is Me! My Journey with Turner Syndrome; and Cassandra Huidobro, author of Is Anyone Else Feeling the Same Way? Come hear these writers share their stories and experiences just for us! Have the chance to purchase their books for signing and chat with the authors while enjoying cozy hot drinks and delectable treats!

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Kelsey Smith was born in Englewood, Colorado on January 10, 1990. She is grateful to call the beautiful state of Colorado her home. In May 2012, Kelsey graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with her Bachelor of Arts in Special Education. Since then, she has been blessed to be a Special Education teacher in Bailey, Colorado at Deer Creek Elementary. Kelsey loves living and teaching within the Bailey community. She is thankful to have a job that allows her to work with some incredible students and teachers each day.  This is Me! My Journey with Turner Syndrome  is Kelsey’s first book. Events that took place in her life starting in December 2017 inspired the book. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her story.

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Growing up, Cassandra (Cassy) Huidobro hungered for answers to spiritual questions she simply couldn’t get. It was either taboo to talk about religion, or people couldn’t touch the topic without judging different beliefs. She would ask herself: 

  • Is there really one absolute religion? 

  • Do we have a path set up before we come to Earth? 

  • Should we always follow our intuition? 

  • If so, why have free will?

These and other questions led her to a quest of self-discovery, purpose and belonging. Through personal stories, Cassy gets honest with readers and shares her journey of spirituality, lost love, reflection and finding peace. In this book, you’ll find solidarity in the search for finding answers, if you’ve ever felt the same way.


Daniel Scott Westby is the author of Goblin Winter and Wind of Chains, leading into the Fimbulvetr series— a trilogy concerning the rise and fall of the future. Drawing inspiration from epic poetry and science fiction, his novels combine dark influences to create a fantastic futuristic setting to tell the tale of fallen heroes and unrequited love, all leading to an apocalyptic climax in the plains and hills of the America west. He teaches ethical rhetoric through the critical reading of classic literature in Denver and is finishing the concluding chapters of the next novel in the Fimbulvetr series— Lie By the Sword.

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