Dear Loyal Customers,

1/15 to 2/15 we will not accept any book donations during our annual inventory and store re-organization.

Thank you for understanding!


When can I deposit my books?


Any time that we are open, a bookseller will be available to review your books. We still suggest calling ahead of time to confirm that the bookseller working is able to do so. The availability to review books depend on the amount of books in our queue, but overall we accept books during business hours. Please allow a week for a bookseller to review your books and get back to you. We will accept a maximum of 2 boxes/bags at a time.

What are you looking for?


We are a general interest bookstore, and open to all books…with a few exceptions: we won’t accept textbooks, manuals, or out-of-date reference books, travel guides, self-help and health books included.

Besides that, we decide what to accept on a book-by-book basis. The better the quality, the better the chance we can accept your books—we won’t take-in books with water damage, mildew, tearing or in general excessive wear and tear.

We also accept books based on what we currently have in stock and on the floor.

Do you pay for books in cash or store credit?


You’ll receive store credit for each book we keep! The store credit will amount to 50% of what we price the book at. We price depending on the condition the book is in, typically hardbacks range from $10-$14 and paperbacks $5-$8. So, you’d receive a credit of $5 for bringing in a book we price at $10.

Starting January 2019, book credit can’t be used on specially ordered books, but only books we have in stock.

What happens to the books you don't keep?


After we review the books, you have the option to take back the books, or we can donate them for you. If you would like the unaccepted books back, please note that we will only keep them for 5 days and unclaimed books will be donated.

will you carry the book I wrote?


Probably! Email us at and tell us a bit about yourself and the book you hope to sell, with pictures of the book itself! We also host readings and events, so if we do sell your book, we’d love for you to read a bit for the community.

Also, if you are a visual artist, we’d be interested in showcasing and selling your work at Page Turner. For further inquiries, shoot us an email. Finally, we will be featuring musical artists as well, so send us a link to listen to your original music.