The Paper Tree by Caroline Goodwin

Caroline Goodwin’s most recent book, The Paper Tree is a stirring and nostalgic collection of poetry in which the author uses vivid descriptions of nature and landscape to take the reader on an emotional journey like no other. Set in the Alaskan wilderness, Goodwin captures the raw and wild beauty of her physical environment and uses it to examine inward, human experiences such as grief, hope, and the importance of mourning.  “I go up and when light reaches/ clear water at the center/ of every lupine when blue wings come/ like a blessing to cover my eyes”(32). The Paper Tree is rich with colorful imagery and unique sound. Goodwin’s mastery of the English language is undeniable as she simultaneously challenges her readers and invites them into her whimsical, untamed world. This book explores themes of loss and absence with extraordinary subtly, originality and eloquence. “And a gray cloud descends/in the wee hours/ to whisper into the chest” (37). Equally, these poems illuminate powerful moments of tenderness and resilience. They remind us of our ability to heal, and the necessity to cherish the small, simple wonders of being alive and remaining soft and open to the world, even in the face of tragedy. “Hold out your hands/open your heart/here’s where the world slides in” (68).

Come see Caroline Goodwin breathe life into her poetry on Friday, September 21st at 7:00PM at Page Turner Bookstore for a reading and book-signing of The Paper Tree