Traveling Library

True book lovers know that there are many wonderful places to open a book besides the comfort of your own home. While curling up with a book in bed, by the fireplace, and on the couch surrounded by furry friends are all incredible options, there’s nothing quite as magical as reading outdoors. Nature offers a range of perfect reading sanctuaries: warm beaches, climbable trees, picturesque mountainsides, rolling fields of wildflowers, you name it! If you can find a quiet, comfortable place outdoors, you are set for hours of fresh air and peaceful reading. Whether you leave your home for day trips or you’re somewhat of a nomad and consider “the open road” to be your home, you may want to consider the way you travel with your favorite books.

travel library.jpg

A common method involves shoving your best reading material into a suitcase or backpack. A better (and extremely fun) technique, is to create a traveling library for yourself. The best way to do this is with a car top carrier. These carriers come in a variety of models and are available at a range of prices. Essentially all car toppers attach to the roof of your car and act as a portable storage unit for your items. If you want to set up an “on the road” travel library without taking up your trunk space, a car top carrier is the way to go. With all of the extra space, you now have room to get creative! Go ahead and alphabetize your book collection, organize your books by genre or by how often you read them. You may want to include a space for your bookmarks, notebooks and writing utensils. You may even want to decorate your special space with stickers or special trinkets. The possibilities are endless when you have your own personal, portable library. You will never again have to worry about your books smushing or tearing in your suitcase. Most importantly, you won’t have to choose between books when packing for a trip because you will have room for all of them!